Monday, January 08, 2018

New beginnings...

If you know me you will know that this is all about new beginnings, and continuings and fresh starts, because it is never too late to take your life, shake it all up, throw it up in the air and start again from where it lands.

I am really good at re-inventing my life. I had to be, being born to nomadic parents and having been gifted with an intense curiosity about the world and everything from the microscopic to the immense. So January is, for me, a time of new things: new courses, new languages, new places and people, exciting new things to discover.

Starting with a couple of free online courses:
Human Origins from edX

And Histology from Future Learn 

Two of my favourite subjects, human evolution since I first watched a TV programme called The Day We Learned To Think (link to post here) which introduced me to the fascinating world of our past, and histology, ever since I discovered the Krebs Cycle in A Level Biology. Yes, of course I have geeky T-shirts, guys, no I do not wear them except for when I am practising yoga, I do, however, drink from this mug...

I highly recommend these free online courses. 
I am also immersed in one from Harvard on Mitochondria (see The Krebs Cycle) 

They can be addictive...

They can also be life-savers. In the year following my cancer treatments and when my brain was too mushy to cope with the stresses of work and my body was crying out to rest and recover, I took several of these courses and they really did keep me sane.  

Or as sane as I have ever been...

So, it is Monday and a whole new week of opportunities lies ahead.
For me that's these new courses, continuing others already started, tomorrow joining an advanced French class and today giving my first ever French lesson to an adult learner who claims to be incapable of learning at the age of 71. 

Well, we will see about that!