Thursday, January 04, 2018

A Trip to the Playground

Since The Ragazzo has decided to extend his Christmas holiday here, and with a lull between the Atlantic storms that have been battering Brittany, I decided it was time to introduce him to one of my playgrounds...


Of course those who know me will just smile because this is the place to which I drive at least once a week, sometimes daily, and is my favourite place in France.  

Admittedly I have not yet seen all of this country and I am pretty sure that there are other places that will captivate me when I go exploring, but this place is special.

The Pink Granite Coast...

The Ragazzo was deeply impressed, although a little alarmed by some of the pink granite rocks perched precariously on top of others - wait until he does the Sentier des Douaniers, I thought, smiling.

We walked around the rocks to the next wide, sandy beach, the one where I go sea kayaking in the summer. From on top of the rocks we watched a family flying kites, a couple digging for clams, several people clambering on the rocks further out.

Being at the beach brings out the child in us all...

This is my playground, I told my son. This is where I come to be me.
C'est pas mal? N'est-ce pas?

In the summer Trégastel and its neighbour Ploumanac'h are filled with tourists and holiday-makers; mostly French, German and Dutch who drive here to their holiday homes or to the campsites where they park their huge camper vans.

I think I'd like a little camper van of my own...
Nothing too large, or too grand, just a kind of metal tent on wheels.

It would be fun to wake up and be able to say, today I am going to hit the road and see where it leads me. And with all of France and the rest of mainland Europe out there, well, I think I could have quite a few adventures!

We left the town of Trégastel and drove to the beach where I have swum every week until the end of November. It's not the prettiest sand or the widest beach, there are no restaurants and cafés and no lifeguard to rescue me should my ambition exceed my abilities...

But when the tide is high and covers the rocks that litter the shoreline, this is the view that I enjoy as I swim...

The château de Costaérès

The muse for one of my works-in-progress. 

Tashi also enjoys some quite time at Trégastel...

Cancer is a bitch, but had it not been for my cancer I would still be sitting stressing in an office. Still locked into a corporate cage.

So, there are some silver linings to the dark storm clouds.

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gz said...

A fantastic silver lining!
Looks like the best kind of trip to the beach