Saturday, December 30, 2017


I am pretty sure I must have written about this topic in the past and forgive me if I am repeating myself now but I cannot begin a new year without making resolutions.

I think this may be connected to my childhood with a pair of nomadic parents which was, on reflection, a series of new beginnings: every September a new school, new classmates, new teachers, etc, most of which I took in my stride although it became increasingly difficult in senior school.

Added to which I am a lifelong learner.
Always picking up new skills, new languages, new tricks, new knowledge...

So of course I like New Year Resolutions because they enable me to perform a personal reboot of my life. CTRL ALT DELETE and set off on a new track.
Much easier to do now that I have grown-up Ragazzi and no partner to consider. You see, there are some benefits to being older.

For decades my resolutions were always been pretty much the same:
Be healthier
Get fitter
Learn a new language
Shed some stuff
Stop stresing
Work less
Play more

and this year is no different

Except that for 2018 I do not have to concern myself with work stress.
I am no longer a mouse in a corporate rat cage.
I am a freelance professional, able to work when I please and with, and for whom, I please.
Which is the only benefit I took from those eight years as a Malware Threat Researcher: a critical illness payment that enables me to stay out of the Rat Race.

But this year I will make resolutions, the first being to remain alive for the next twelve months, of course, closely followed by to have as many adventures and to get into as many scrapes as I possibly can. Then I will trot all the worthy stuff like getting fitter and being more organised and so on.

And the new language for 2018?
This coming year I will be tackling Icelandic.
Why Icelandic?

Well, that is a whole other story but it started with a favour to a publisher that led, indirectly, to a trip to Iceland to ride horses up volcanoes and that led to the novel that I am working on, Meltdown, which is set in Iceland and that led to me telling my former employers a few hard truths and walking away.

So Iceland has become a bit of a thing for me.   
Hence my desire to learn the language.

and really, why not?


gz said...

why not indeed.

chance to read some sagas in the original....

julia said...

Ah, I am not sure I will live long enough to be able to read the sagas in Icelandic, even if I live another ten years :)