Sunday, December 10, 2017

I sometimes watch those American TV programmes in which people down-size to a 'Tiny Home' and I think to myself, 'Yep, I could live like that, stripped to the bare essentials, off-grid, treading lightly on our planet' and I really believe it. And perhaps one day I will.

One day...

For now I am revelling in all the space that I have at my home here in Brittany after being confined to The Doll's House for seven years. Please do not think I was not as happy as a little bug in a tiny rug, I loved living there even though it was, at times, uncomfortable when things broke and repairs took a long time, and always there was the knowledge that it was not mine and therefore I could have been obliged to vacate it when the lease expired every year.

But it was a happy little house.
And the neighbours were lovely.

And I do miss the friends Tashi and I made when we took walks on the green and hope that some of them will come to visit me here, maybe next year...   

But it is really nice to be back and to have all of this space, and trust me, I know how fortunate I am and I do not mean to sound smug, but it's just great. I have already hosted friends from the UK. A friend of long-standing came for a week of adventures and we had a blast, a woman I had only hitherto chatted with on Twitter came to meet me, brought her dad and we had a long lunch that, in typical French style, lasted well into the evening, and Val from Cornwall came to stay while she was on a road trip break with her son. 

I think, I hope, that this is a welcoming and relaxing place for my family and friends to visit.

Of  course, after so many years of being mostly empty, I have work to do here...

The boiler, oh that boiler, do you recall when I first moved here and it would not work?
Well, after all those cold and wet days and nights during the winters when I was not here it suffered considerably from condensation which, it being a fancy condensing machine with a heap of electronic circuits in its workings, pretty much wrecked it. All kudos to Gerard who, with a colleague, finally fixed it. I know that it was hard work for them because every time I cross paths with Gerard now he asks me, in a faintly anxious way, how is the boiler behaving, and do I still have hot water?

And the cooker. Each time I switched it on it fused all the lights and poor Gerard, when summoned, took one look at it and started to twitch because he has yet to recover from The Boiler, so when I suggested we just get a new cooker installed I thought he'd kiss me.

And there was the chimney that needed re-pointing and there are still outstanding issues and I have not even dared to go in the gite yet but...

Mostly I am just settling back in and sorting out all the things I had left here jammed into cupboards and so there are many happy surprises and 'discoveries', and all the things I brought back from England, and moving 'stuff' from room to room until it settles in the place where it is meant to be.
 Funny how things work out...
N'est-ce pas?


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