Thursday, October 26, 2017

It's been a while...

More than five years, in fact.
Much has changed.

I was awarded my degree, a BA (Hons) in Modern Language Studies...

I spent eight years in the murkiest depths of The Internet, fighting criminals, writing clever code to thwart them, protecting you people, doing my bit, my best. And I loved the work as an Internet Threat Researcher and I was darned good at it, if I do say so, but I struggled with the corporate culture and the behaviour of my co-workers, and the stress was horrendous.

People, really, it was Horrendous.

And then I got cancer...

Well, it was inevitable really, wasn't it?

A mouse back in The Rat Race, that was a mistake. I may talk more about that later, the effects of stress on the body's immune system and how it really can kill. I will not talk about what happened at The Infosec Company because in return for my health insurer giving me a settlement I was obliged to sign a legally-binding agreement not to say anything bad about my former employers.

Which speaks for itself, n'est-ce pas?

So for now here I am back in Brittany and having a wonderful time!
I'd thought about waking up the dormant Mouse in France even as I wrote another blog and now I think it may be time to do so. I have no idea if any of my former cyber-buddies will read my latest ramblings, I hope to reconnect with them but it's been a long time and life moves forward and not back so, we will see...

And the name of the blog, yeah well, you'll soon see that I am far from being a mouse now. The link name stays, but I think the new title is much more fitting.

This is The Next Chapter.

It's nice to be back!

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