Friday, September 28, 2012


The gardener has been and cut the hedge...

I cannot express how relieved I am to hear the news. In fact, I am so relieved that I have a glass of (very cheap) fizzy white wine and cassis to celebrate and tonight I might, just might, actually sleep soundly.

Lessons have been learned, good lessons such as
1. Quit being so trusting
2. Quit being so considerate and nice
3. Quit being so very dumb

But I really hate to have to learn them, I would much rather folk were decent and honest and open with me.

So, that's one problem ticked off the list and now to tackle the next....

Thank you all for your support and offers of help. Especially you Val, you are a real friend! And yes, my friends know your 'man' and have already told me that I should have employed him, Next time I will...


Leslee said...

So glad to hear that the hedge is finally cut. "It's about time" is the understatement of the year. Enjoy your cocktail and sleep well! (I want to say, "...for tomorrow some other problem will rear its ugly head." But that's for another time. Cheers!)

Val Grainger said...

You are not dumb....its the others who are barstewards ;)So pleased its sorted....drink that fizzy or it will be flat tomorrow!!!

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

I wish I had learned these 3 lessons before I employed A Piece of Burgundy to project manage the renovations to the ground floor of my house. The majority of the work has to be redone!

Zhoen said...

Learn wisdom with boundaries.
Learn to be powerful.
Learn to be perceptive and astute.

Learning negatives is very difficult, if not impossible.