Saturday, September 29, 2012

now to focus on French...

It occurred to me yesterday at work, while reading our office chat (like all true geeks we mostly 'talk' electronically, even to the person sitting next to us) it occurred to me that most of my young colleagues lead very narrow lives. Given that they are not actually so young, most of them are in their early thirties, they have yet to experience much of Life beyond the narrow confines of complex computer code and systems.

When I was their age I had already had so many experiences and now, being twenty years their senior, I look at them and can't help wondering....

Anyway I digress, the reason this came to my mind is because they were chatting about that young English teenager who has run away to France with her teacher and I casually commented "everyone should run away to Paris at least once in their lifetimes" and when someone incredulously "Did you?" I replied "Yes, of course, I ran away to Paris with an Unsuitable Boy when I was a teenager and I've been running back to France regularly ever since"

As I say I digress.

Today I must write the end of course paper for my French studies.
It must be done by this evening because I am working tomorrow.
So if you catch sight of me in cyberspace please shout loudly at me and tell me to go back to my writing.



Elizabeth Eiffel said...

An interesting observation. As a parent of 3 in their late 20's sadly find that my children's careers are their main focus. Perhaps there financial and career pressures are different to what mine were?
Thank you for visiying my blog - it has been very quiet since my return from France!
Bon weekend

operagirl17 said...

How did the French assignment turn out?